Best Proposal Writing Services

Best Proposal Writing Services

Looking for affordable, reliable, and the best proposal writing services in the market? Well, look no further. Proposals are very complex in nature and writing them is extremely demanding and requires a lot of hard work. As a result, most students look to hire proposal writing services from experts like 5StarEssays. We have professional writers who have completed up to 100 proposals from undergraduate to Masters and even Ph.D. level.

What is a proposal?

A proposal is an idea or a planned document that is given to people to decide upon after careful thinking.

5StarEssays Proposal writing structure.

Proposals can either be solicited or unsolicited so the first order of the day naturally is to identify what type of proposal we are working with. For solicited proposals, we follow the requirements from the awarding organization while for unsolicited ones, which require more background information and details, we have a team of thorough researchers ready to work to produce the best proposal.

In addition to the two mentioned, we also work on research proposals mainly for academic purposes. Every other type of proposal falls in one of the three above. People mainly reach out when they need help with research proposals and that is what this article will mainly focus on.

Structure to use during proposal writing

It is important to note that structure varies. Some parts may be optional depending on the type of proposal we are doing for you. Parts of the structure described below, save for the introduction and the conclusion, maybe rearranged in order to properly fit the kind of proposal that is being done.

  1. a) Abstract.

Every proposal should have an abstract. This part is important because it forms the reader’s initial impression of your work. A table of contents is usually optional, depending on the complexity of the research proposal at a hand.

  1. b) Introduction

The introduction is the most important part of the proposal as it sets the tone for the research paper. Here, the topic that is being discussed is introduced. Our effective introductions will draw readers in convincing them that the proposal we have written for you is worth their time.

As trained writers, we know that this part is crucial as we have to capture the reader’s interest and maintain it therefore, we use facts, anecdotes, and sometimes analogies to help convince the reader that the research paper we have written  is for them and they should read further.

Proposal writing

We introduce the topic that will be discussed and state the major points without going into so many details. These major points we believe provides the right organizational clues for the reader reading our client’s proposal. At 5StarEssays, we limit our introductions to one page or less because the idea is to provide a short well planned out road map to the actual proposal.

  1. c) Proposal writing plan.

The following five questions will be useful in charting out a proper and effective plan of action :

– What will you be doing?

Clearly state the focus of the proposal.

– How are you going to do it?

Be specific about the means you are going to collect, analyze and evaluate the data required for your proposal.

– Where will it be done?

– How long will take for the proposal to be complete?

Be as detailed as possible about the schedule of the proposal. A rough draft of a timeline is an assurance that a proposal will take a specific time.

– How much is the whole proposal going to cost?

Transparency is key. If a stakeholder fails to see a detailed budget, they are probably not going to give your proposal any further considerations. Answering these questions will lead to a comprehensive discussion and explanation of the proposal.

  1. d) Review of the literature.

Literature materials and sources should undergo thorough analysis and be clearly explained in the proposal.

  1. e) Resources Needed for proposal writing

Proposal costs are a major inclusion in this section. At 5StarEssays, we are transparent and give approximate costs. We give a detailed and thorough breakdown of the total budgets required for the proposals to be complete.

Depending on the type of proposals we are working on, some may require a rundown of additional financial statements like the profits or the losses incurred. We give detailed clarifications and justifications of funding sources if necessary and needed. The same procedure applies to biology essay writing service or any type of assignment help we offer.

  1. f) Proposal writing Conclusion

The main ideas are summarized and wrapped up in this section and as a result, the reader of the proposal is left with a sense of closure. Some important things to note when writing proposal conclusions include:

– Begin with a topic sentence that summarizes the problem that the proposal was tackling.

– The supporting sentences in the conclusion should summarize what has been discussed in the proposal and plan of action sections. This is not a place to bring up new ideas and explore them.

– Show the reader how the points you made in your proposal and the solutions to the problems all cine together in harmony and fit.

– Conclusion is not the place to bring evidence to play. All that should be included in the body of the proposal.

  1. g) Appendix

This is the section that is majorly dedicated to any additional images, reports or bars, and graphs that were mentioned in the proposal.

Proposal Writing.

  1. a) Start with a well-stated definition of the problem in the proposal.

▪︎ Describe the problem in question. Ensure to give details so that the reader’s interest is captured. State the causes of the problem in the research proposal.

▪︎Describe and note the outcomes should the problem in question become solved or remain unsolved.

  1. b) Write a clear proposal to solve the problem in question.

▪︎ Provide clearly stated solutions.

▪︎ Argue out the points that support the solutions that you have stated.

▪︎ Provide basic clues on how the solutions will be implemented is a necessary part of this step that makes the proposal clearer.


Proposal writing

  1. c) Be in the know in case there are alternative proposal solutions.

▪︎Be aware of alternative solutions for the problems in question.

▪︎Get ready to either accept and agree or disapprove of the alternative solutions and get rid of the ones that do not necessarily help with the proposal problem.

  1. d) Benefits of the proposal should be evaluated.

▪︎ A good proposal should be evaluated and the positive effects like its cost and its effectiveness noted down. Thoroughly analyze your audience.

▪︎ The information given in the proposal should be information that does not either overwhelm or underwhelm the audience’s knowledge base.

▪︎ Take into serious account the needs of the audience to enhance the kind of information that will be given in the proposal.

  1. e) Present evidence that has thoroughly been vetted based on the literature reviews, preliminary data, and stakeholder opinions.

An important thing to note is the publishing of the result of all funding. Be honest and transparent.

Why are proposals often rejected?

These reasons will just be mentioned in passing. Giving information that is not complete compared to what was initially expected. When the current situations and needs are not properly understood. When the proposal plan is vague and not original, it’s highly likely that it will be rejected. The plan and the implementation should be as clear as possible.

One of the major reasons why proposals are rejected is when there are no proper details of how the stakeholders will benefit from your proposal writing. Most people want to know how the money they invest will be used and if it will make profits or losses for them. A proposal will be rejected when it’s a duplicate of another proposal that has perhaps been funded.

Why you should hire writers at 5StarEssays to work on your proposal.

A well-written winning proposal provides very clear and valuable solutions to the problems stated. At 5StarEssays, we plan things out before putting them down on paper. We consider effective structures, valuable and well-researched content, and the audience as well in order to produce effective work.

At 5StarEssays, we figure out what the client wants then spend time brainstorming ideas on how to bring out a proposal essay that fits the needs of the client. We have never turned in first drafts and we won’t start now. We thoroughly revise your proposals to make sure they are error-free.

We have multiple professionals who proofread and go through work that has been done at no extra cost, give their feedback, and take time to incorporate these in the second draft. Remember, all this is done within whatever deadline a client gives. We pride in having vast resources; both primary and secondary at 5StarEssays and as a result, you get a well-researched and winning proposal.

Our team is really committed to working round the clock to come up with excellent proposals. In case of dissatisfaction with our services or you need things added or removed from the proposal, our professionals are flexible enough to work with the client’s needs and get them what they deserve.

Our writers are dependable. We understand and respect the fact that proposal needs may be different therefore, we work around the needs required for the proposals in question. We keep you in the loop always to ensure we deliver content that is totally in tune with our client’s expectations.

At 5StarEssays, we love what we do. Writing gets us going and so every project we work on is important to us. Our main goal is to see you win and get funds with the proposals we write for you.

Proposal writing

5StarEssays is a very affordable writing service. Our pricing is standardized, and you get value for your money. Why struggle when we can write proposals and dissertations for you? Our work is original and plagiarism-free. We are giving you the best there is whether you need a proposal, dissertation writing help or admission essay help.




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