What is Gordon S. Wood’s argument

What is Gordon S. Wood’s argument and what is Howard Zinn’s argument on the nature
of the American War for Independence and what evidence do the two historians present
to support their interpretations? Who do you think presents the better case? (See
contextual information in the textbook, any relevant assigned primary documents,
the Howard Zinn and Gordon Wood Articles and Zinn v. Wood Video Lecture).
Your essay should have an introduction with a clear argument, a well-developed body
with ample supporting evidence, a conclusion that provides some final analysis, and
be between five and seven paragraphs (paragraphs should be at least five sentences in
length but often longer). Your argument is your brief answer to the question while the
body of the essay is used to provide detailed historical examples to support your
argument. Although analysis of the material should be woven into the body of your
essay, the conclusion is where you will be able to show that you have thought about the
material in a critical and analytical way (rather than simply regurgitating information).
Also, remember that any information included in your essay should be pertinent to
answering the question asked of you.

For the purposes of this essay, you can use parenthetical citation. Please only use
information from within the confines of this class, such as video lectures, the textbook,
primary documents, and any other assigned readings.


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