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CHOSEN PASSAGE for this exegetical paper: ISAIAH 61:1-9
It MUST be written for ISAIAH 61:1-9

I have attached 8 sources. All of them must be used, consulted, properly footnoted and listed in bibliography.

A 10-12 page (2500-3000 word) paper is required on a passage in Isaiah.

The paper must be done in a formal manner according to the Chicago (Turabian) style. There must be a title page, footnotes and a bibliography. Pages should be numbered and there must be an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement and a description of how the paper will address it. The conclusion must refer back to the thesis. The quality of writing counts toward the grade.

You must use the commentaries in the following list that are marked with as asterisk. In addition, you must utilize at least one commentary from each of the three lists below and two from each if possible.
You must have a minimum of ten sources in your bibliography, of which at least three must not be commentaries. For example, they could be journal articles, chapters in monographs or essays in collected works of essays. Do not use a source on the Internet unless it is a scholarly one.

The goal of the paper is to understand what God is saying to us through this passage of Scripture today. Simply describing the meaning of the passage in its original situation is a start, but it is not a complete exegesis. Examine the passage in its cano


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