Marketing Report

The students will be provided with rubrics in due course
The Group Marketing Report assignment is designed to allow you to develop a
practically oriented marketing plan. It is to be done by students in groups. You will be
formed into groups of 4-6 Students. (Same group members of marketing simulation
assessment). Choose an organisation with which you are familiar and about which you
are able to obtain some information (from the web or annual reports etc). You could use a
company for which one of the members in the group works as the basis for this
assessment (see the lecturer before you commence to get approval of your choice to
ensure that it is suitable for the exercise). This assignment can be based on a brand or
individual product or service. There are many formats for a marketing plan but you are
required to follow the following format this assessment:

1. Executive Summary and Table of Contents
 Present a brief summary of the main goals and recommendations in the
marketing report.
2. Introduction and Background
 Provide an introduction and background to the organisation (product/service
or brand).
 Analyse the types of customer groups within your market and determine
which group(s) is it most profitable for you to target.
3. Marketing Environmental Analysis
External Environment Analysis
 Business environment analysis: Analyse the following aspects of the
environment in which you operate and determine their current and future
effects on the organisation’s product/service line: social/cultural trends;
economic/demographic trends; political/legal/institutional trends;
technological trends.
 Customer analysis: Analyse the demographics, buying situation, needs and
wants of your customers and how your product/service can satisfy them.
 Competitor analysis: Analyse activities and characteristics (size, goals, market
share, product quality, marketing strategies and others) of the major
competitors in your market (both direct competitors and those who offer
substitute products/services to your customers)
Internal Environment Analysis

Dr Saeed Badghish Marketing Plan


 Analyse the current marketing mix (4P’s) used to market the product/service.
 Evaluate the effectiveness of the current marketing mix used.
4. SWOT Analysis
 Identify the main strengths (internal capabilities that can support the
organisation in achieving its goals) and weaknesses (internal factors that can
prevent the organisation from achieving its goals) in the chosen company,
 as well as the main opportunities (external circumstances that may be
exploited for higher performance) and threats (external circumstances that
may potentially hurt performance) in the market place as a direct result of the
Marketing Environmental Analysis, and construct a useable SWOT with a
5. Future Growth Opportunities
 Looking 3-5 years into the future, explore growth opportunities using the
product/market expansion grid .
6. Revised Objectives and Marketing Strategy
 Based on the SWOT analysis and the Growth Opportunities analysis, establish
the marketing, financial and communication objectives for the next 12 months
Target Market
 Describe the target market(s) to serve
 Arrange for the product/service a clear, distinctive, and desirable place
relative to competing products in the minds of target customers.
Marketing Mix
 Create a revised marketing mix
Action Programs
 Each marketing strategy element must be elaborated to answer: What will be
done? When will it be done? Who will do it? How much will be spent?

 Late Assignments


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