concepts of strategic management.

Assignment Brief/ Coursework Content:
This assignment is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of key
terms and concepts of strategic management. Applying these concepts and principles
underpinning strategic analysis, planning and management.
This is an opportunity for students to express their own thoughts and understanding in a
creative manner while drawing on learnings during the module, demonstrating a mastery
of the subject.
The use of the UBER case study, “Uber: Changing the way The World Moves”
distributed to the class is a starting point, further research is expected at masters level.
Descriptive details of Assignment:
Strategic Management and Finance
1,500 word Individual assignment.
Based on the case study of UBER.
This assignment is worth 60% of final mark.
Introductory summary:
Uber is building what may be the largest point-to-point transportation network of its kind; it
is literally changing the way the world moves. But, unlike traditional transportation logistics
companies like FedEx for example, Uber has an incredibly lightweight infrastructure. It
owns no vehicles, employs no drivers and pays no vehicle maintenance costs. Instead, its
network relies on peer-to-peer coordination between drivers and passengers, enabled by
sophisticated software and a clever reputation system.
Assignment remit:
Participants are required to answer all of SECTION A.
Participants are required to answer either all of SECTION B OR all of SECTION C.
The maximum marks available is 100 and all sections carry equal marks.
You must complete 2 of the 3 sections.


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