discuss the causes of a violent act

History 1816F “Histories of Violence”
Research Essay (30%)
Due: 13 November, 2020 (Friday)

The research essay, 1,200 words in length, should discuss the causes of a violent act (e.g. wife
beating, infanticide, lynching, assassination, terrorist attack, war, wartime rape, massacre).
The paper must be written in formal scholarly form with footnotes or endnotes and a
bibliography, and must contain a thesis statement, introduction and conclusion. It must be
reinforced with at least 10 citations, and be based on a mimimum of six academic sources
(monographs and journal articles available in print form or online).
Your essay will be marked on sophistication of analysis, clarity of writing, organization of ideas,
and breadth of research. Submit the soft copy of your paper to the course webiste on the due
date. Email submission will not be accepted.


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