Community Food Mapping analytical assignment

Oakes 167
Fall 2020
Community Food Mapping analytical assignment
Those who work on and create mapping research projects examine geographic place
and within that particular community/region a specific problem or condition, oftentimes
a situation dealing with an absence of resources. A “map” serves as a database (of
sorts), a warehouse of information, data, details, examples, knowledge. A mapping
project provides a reader with both visual information (data) as well as analysis and
discussion of that data.
For this particular project and assignment, you will not be mapping data yourself, but
you will 1) examine, review, and analyze a published mapping project that is focused on
a particular food politics issue in a given community; and 2) propose a potential project
that you believe to be worthwhile and significant. Both aspects of this assignment will
allow you to think about research.
Part I
Start by locating a community food mapping study. I will provide you a list of suggested
sites/studies, though you are not limited to the studies on the list; feel free to do some
online searching for others.
Carefully review the site and study and consider the following:
• What is the focus or purpose of the study? What is the research question or
• What is the community being studied?
• Who is doing this work or project? What do we know of their credibility?
• How is the map or data presented? Is material easy to follow?
• How is the analysis presented?
• What did you learn or discover from the study? What questions did the study
raise for you? What else would you like to know/understand?
The first part of your paper should address and respond to the questions listed above.
It’s important you provide a clear overview of the study, the data, the analysis. Make
sure to cover everything: in your paper you’ll need to provide specific examples or
references from the study, along with your own analysis of them.
Part II
The second part of this assignment allows you to envision and propose a community
food mapping project you would like to do, and believe has merit.
You’ll want to begin by thinking about a particular community and a specific problem
you would want to “map” and research. You’ll need to do some light research on this
community so that you can present and describe some of the key factors of the
community, along with how and why a mapping project of a particular food politics issue
in this community would be valuable. We will look at some examples in class.

In your paper, you’ll want to address the following:
• Name and describe the community (general location, population).
• Describe those demographics you see as significant.
• Identify your anticipated research question.
• Discuss how and why this problem would be of significance — what you would
hope to uncover/discover, and how this project would be useful.

Assignment details
This writing assignment should be organized into two parts. You should present your
ideas in focused, developed paragraphs (not as a list or in bullet points). Both parts
should include examples and/or references. Be consistent with documentation (MLA,
APA, etc.). Your final paper should be carefully edited and proofread.
Due dates
• Rough draft due (in class for workshopping – plan to share as a Google doc with group
members): Tuesday, November 3
• Final draft due (via email, submission instructions will be provided): Friday, November
6, by midnight.


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