Virtual Museum Assignment

Virtual Museum Assignment
Instructions: Given the current situation, many museums around the world have made their collections available online. Please select AT LEAST TWO from the links provided below and visit them virtually. Take your time and try to explore all the options they have available. Watch videos, look at images, read captions, etc. If there is an available survey or online “guest book” to log your visit, I encourage you to do so to lend your support to these institutions during difficult times. Once you feel you have seen as much virtually as you are able, please consider the following questions and craft your essay.

Essay: Please write your essay in the following three sections:
Introduction – Briefly describe the museums and your overall impression of their virtual offerings. How did your virtual visit compare to any similar institutions that you have visited in person? What are the benefits and disadvantages of such virtual exhibits? How did the sites compare to each other? What were some strengths/weaknesses of each?
Exhibits – Select three artifacts (total) from the museums that stood out to you for some reason. Briefly describe each artifact and its historical context. Why did these artifacts interest you? How are they exhibited within the virtual museum? How do they fit within the overall museum?
Analysis – How would you rate the overall effectiveness of the virtual museum? Did your virtual visits make you more or less likely to visit in person? What do you think is the benefit or disadvantage to learning history from a museum rather than inside a classroom?

Format: Make sure to follow the format and writing guidelines below.
Your essay should be approximately two pages double spaced.
Be sure to provide a citation to the websites used and cite them in your essay when used.
This can be written in first person about your personal experience, but keep the writing formal.
I provided the two links below


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