Screening/Assessment tools

Research two screening tools used with older adults. Then insert the information found and answer the questions on the attached documents. There will two screening tools needing to be completed. The requirements and information do not need to be filled out on a document, only on the forms that are attached.

Student will become familiar with assessment/screening tools used with older adults. There are many assessment tools that various professions use in gathering information for older adults. The goal is to find assessment tools that a social worker would use to validate/verify or build on a social assessment. Each student is responsible to demonstrate an understanding of and research TWO assessment instruments used by social workers with older adults. Resource ideas for screening tools are given below.

1) The assessment instruments must include:

a)One (1) assessment/screening instrument that is used to evaluate/assess daily functioning of older adults, that would be used either in an informal or institutional setting.

b) One (1) assessment/screening tool on a topic relevant to this course in which you are particularly interested (i.e, substance abuse, depression, elder abuse, social support adequacy, etc.)

2) Students will find one (1) professional research article for each screening tool, to explain the validity and evidence-based reliability of the screening tool. If you are unable to find a professional research article related to the screening tool you will need to pick another screening tool to use.

3)Complete the template below for both assessment tools to include

a) What is the screening/assessment tool created to measure

b) What elements does the measure contain (e.g., survey questions, exercises to perform, etc.)

c) One professional research article: an overview of the article is this a reliable screening tool, why or why not

d) Critical thinking about strengths/weaknesses of the instrument

e) Why you would choose to administer this screening tool.

f) Value of this screening tool for a social worker to build an assessment

g) Copy or link to the Assessment tool and Research article

Utilize these resources to identify or find research on screening tools:

Health and psychosocial instruments – library search topic

Social Work Practice with Older Adults has many screening instruments throughout the textbook – screening tools


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