Description of the pathology

Description of the pathology


Normal anatomy of major body system affected


Normal physiology of body system affected


Mechanism of pathophysiology




A title slide should be included at the beginning of the presentation, and include the student’s name.
Each slide after that should have a heading describing which criterion on the above list is being addressed on that slide.
The presentation must be a minimum of 15 PowerPoint slides in length and no more than 20 slides
Since the purpose of this presentation is to emphasize anatomical structures and their importance in both physiology and pathological conditions, this presentation should include many graphics. Graphics can be borrowed from other sources (source must be cited), or created by the student. Graphics should be applicable to the criterion which they refer to. Graphics can include but are not limited to the following: flow charts, diagrams, tables, pictures, or brief animations.
You are encouraged to be creative with your presentation. You will be allowed to use a variety of font sizes and styles in your presentation.
It is recommended that the student reviews the information about plagiarism in the Student Handbook. Any copying of information from another source without giving proper credit through a citation will be met with severe consequences. In line with this, however, the entire presentation should not be directly copied from other sources. The student is expected to compose ideas in their own words, and only use text from other sources as a minor supplement.
A minimum of 3 APA-style references should be cited in the presentation. The citation may be included on the slide which contains the borrowed material.


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