Behavioral economics as economics: breakthrough or a dead end?

Hello! Here are the requirements from my professor:
It is expected that you write an analytical review on the approved topic relying mainly on recommended literature. The volume of a review should be about 8-10 pages of text (font Times 12 with 1 interval), or no less than 4000 words, or 20 000 signs.
You are expected to provide a critical analysis of the topic. It cannot be just a review of recommended sources. Critical analysis presuppose that you master the material, i.e. you are able to indicate the context and key points of debates or controversy, strengths and weaknesses of participant’s arguments, as well as your own motivated conclusion on or assessment of the problem in question.
Required literature includes 3 attached papers and 1) “Behavioral economics and the positive-normative distinction: Sunstein`s Choosing Not to Choose and behavioral economics imperialism” by John B. Davis and 2) “Why economics is not a science of behaviour” by Marek Hudik (I couldn`t attach all 5 files in your site, so let me know if you want me to send it to your email


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