Regulation Of Use Of First Amendment

Instructions for the paper
For this essay, you will choose a law or social institution or practice (interpret
social institution in the broadest sense; I will tell you if your choice is ok) that you
feel needs to be abolished or changed and argue why it needs to be eliminated or
how it needs to be changed.

If you choose a law and the law is not general knowledge (i.e., the drinking age in all
states is 21), then you must either quote the law itself or a source that describes it.

You cannot choose abortion, gun control, smoking cigarettes, or euthanasia, and you
cannot write about any topic that you have already written about for this class.

After thinking about this, write a proposal of 50 words that
1) specifies your choice of topic,
2) explains why you chose that topic, and
3) explains what you plan to research to be able to effectively argue about that topic.

[If you want to get started early: The next assignment for paper 3 will ask you to find 5
sources, including 1 book, 1 journal or newspaper article, and one magazine article. But
wait for my response here before moving on.]


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