report about a patient in the field of neuroscience

write a case report about a patient in the field of neuroscience (a patient with lesion to a part of the brain). Followings are the requirements for this assignment:

  • Each paper should cover the following issues:
    1. The patient demographic: Age, gender, job, etc.
    2. The accident: stroke, car accident, epilepsy, etc.
    3. The lesion: where in the brain the lesion happened? You need to be specific and mention where the exact location of the lesion is.
    4. The behavioral and cognitive changes in the patient following the lesion. For example, change in mood, memory problems, dangerous behaviors, etc.
    5. What this patient teaches us about the neural bases of specific cognitive function and behaviors


  • You need to cite at least 3 peer-reviewed articles in your poster.

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