project initiation document (PID)

Production of project documentation – and supporting rationale – for a business-based project.
Choosing any one of the projects from the attached group assignment (group 1 or group 4), you should design and develop a detailed project initiation document (PID) or equivalent document dependent on methodology selected. You should explain the rationale behind the choices you made and the focus

Submission requires a written document (3000 words /- 10%). The length of the document does
not include references or table of contents.

NOTE: The business case previously presented does not need to be strictly followed.
However, the business case document needs to be referenced correctly as per APA 6th

Useful considerations:
– Ensure your project and its scope are clearly defined
– You should ensure you go into detail/depth and that your PID would be a useful basis for
the implementation of the proposal. Including appropriate case-specific details in each
section is necessary to help ensure your PID is convincing.
– You should provide evidence to support (or reality check) statements you make.
Do not neglect the rationale – this is as important as the PID itself.

Assessment Criteria
– Critical analysis of project management methodologies to determine appropriate structure
and content for a PID (or equivalent).
– Research to develop clearly stated and well developed individual components of a
complete PID (or equivalent).
– An overall PID that addresses all of key requirements for the effective management of the
project (or equivalent).
– A detailed explanation of the specific choices made when developing the project
– Appropriately structured report.
– Clarity of written expression – including grammar, spell and sense check.


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