Invitation to Sociology – Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay Instruction:
You are required to reflect on your own personal experiences and views in light of the concepts and theories learned in the course.
Your reflection is expected to focus on at least one topic of the course materials (Notes: acqxzf1wUloOygGTa0VJJ9PfTT81yQk).
You should study at least TWO chapters of the textbook (Textbook: Macionis, John J. 2017. Sociology, Global Edition. Harlow, UK: Pearson Education Limited) or other articles/references, and show how they offer new insights into your own experiences or views about social issues.
You may also discuss how these sociological perspectives will help you in the future.

Assessment will be based on the achievement of the learning outcomes including the ability to:
1. Identify and explain basic sociological concepts;
2. Apply the sociological concepts and theories to the analysis of social issues and everyday life situations;
3. Develop analytical and critical thinking skills; and
4. Recognize the diversity of cultures and social systems in the world.

The required length of this reflective essay is 1200-1500 words.


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