Human security

Hi: I have to present “Human development and Human security” based on the following readings that I will be attaching. Please make sure to include Millenium Development Goals in your thorough answer of “Human development and Human security”.

Required reading:
1. Weiss et al., The United Nations and Changing World Politics, chapters 11-12.
2. Ngaire Woods, “Economic Ideas and International Relations: Beyond Rational Neglect,” International Studies Quarterly, 39 (1995): 161-180.
3. Jolly, Emmerij, and Weiss, UN ideas that changed the world, chapters 12-13
5. Weiss, What’s Wrong with the United Nations, 215-233.
6. United Nations, Delivering as One (New York: UN, 2006) and A Study of the Capacity of the United Nations Development System (Geneva: UN, 1969) are two in a long series of expert proposals about how to make better use of the system.
7. United Nations, Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Global Action (New York: UN, 2015).
8. Silke Weinlich and Max-Otto Baumann, “Unfinished Business: An “Appraisal of the Latest UNDS Reform,” German Development Institute Briefing Paper 13/2018.
9. United Nations, Repositioning the United Nations Development System to Deliver on the 2030 Agenda: Our Promise for Dignity, Prosperity and Peace on a Healthy Planet: Report by the Secretary- General, 21 December 2017, UN document A/72/684-E/2018/7.
10. Lesley Connolly and Jimena Leiva Roesch, Unpacking the UN’s Development System Reform (New York: International Peace Institute, 2020),


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