How Social media has affected the response to Covid-19 in American Adults

Chosen Topic: How Social media has affected the response to Covid-19 in American Adults.

Instructions from Instructor:
Identify a topic in cultural anthropology that can be applied to make people’s lives better. Topics covered in this course include: obesity, spreading of infectious disease, overpopulation, oppression of women, racism and intolerance, refugee crises. The topics you can choose from are endless, it does not have to be a topic discussed in class, but will need to be approved.
Introduce this topic in one culture/subculture. Who are these people? What is their background? Who are the people affected by this problem?

Through the use of scholarly research, identify why this is a problem in that particular culture. Is it because of the government? Is it because of religious values? It is because of gender stratification values? You want to explain the issue as a product of the culture and environment itself.
Address how an applied anthropologist might respond to this issue.
Address why anthropologists are an important resource. What’s unique about our research methods?
Address the importance of cultural relativism when resolving social concerns.

Your final paper will be 3-5 pages in length, not including cover page and reference page in APA style. It should contain a proper introduction and conclusion, and address all the above items in detail, with support from your THREE scholarly resources.


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