Diversity and Inclusion Local government

Please review below…I tried to make the instructions more clear.
It is necessary to Access & read , Review the ICMA blog in Diversity and Inclusion in local government.
1. Go & Access Review https://icma.org/blog-posts/black-history-month-%E2%80%9Cdiversity-inclusion%E2%80%9D-local-government
2. Select 1 Topic from several of the list bolded topic headings with links that follow for reports and plans.
3. In the your essay explain which topic and link (Article Report) you selected and how your topic/Article relates to Austin Texas, or choose a different US based City/Local Government.
Your essay must discuss in detail Austin’s Texas (or other US City Government you choose ) plan to address diversity and inclusion. Does the diversity of Austin’s Texas (or other US City Government you choose ) reflect the community and workforce it represents ?
Is the plan working, improving inclusion and diversity amongst its’ stakeholders?


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