Essay (min: 300 words): (350 words out of 825)

As your textbook explains, the 19th century was the age of imperialism. Newly industrialized nations reached out to secure access to natural resources by taking control of non-industrialized parts of the world. Your assignment is to write an essay (min: 300 words) in which you discuss one industrialized country’s method of imperialism. Clearly state the country you chose and explain the historical details of its imperialistic endeavors. What parts of the world did it seek to control? How did it establish control over these parts of the world? What were its policies? How did it treat the indigenous peoples who lived in the parts of the world it sought to control? How did the indigenous peoples respond? Citations (in-text and works cited in MLA format) to verify use of the textbook are required. If you use any additional sources, they must be cited as well.

Response posts (min: 200 words each):( Response will be giving after the 1st is complete) (200 word out of 825)

In your “Compare/Contrast” response post, respond to the post of another student by discussing the similarities and differences between your essays. What points did you both make? Note at least one important historical similarity and one important historical difference. Add new information from the textbook to advance the discussion. Verify use of the textbook by providing citations (in-text and works cited).

(Floating will be giving on Friday) (275 word out of 825)
Your “floating” response post will be a response to one of the professor’s floating post option posts throughout the Unit discussion. Reference specific historical information found in the assigned textbook readings. MLA citations (in-text and works cited) are required


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