Current Event

To receive full credit, submit required portions of assignment following above grading criteria by
due date indicated in the Course Syllabus. Submission of document (summary, analysis and
citation or copy of article) is to be done using the Dropbox which is linked below. Read how to
use the Dropbox for successful submission of assignment.
Note: Use Microsoft Word (or similar compatible program) to complete this assignment.
1. Choose AND read an appropriate full length article from the following Article List or from a
credible news source. The Article List provide below is not an exclusive list, and I encourage
students to identify and locate news sources outside of this list if they so choose. Articles should
not be too short. An article with just a few paragraphs, an internet blurb, or containing a topic not
relevant to this course are all considered inappropriate for this assignment.
Article List
This is a non-exclusive list designed to assist in narrowing down your search for current event
articles. Most of these can also be found in the Brazosport College Library. If you use one of the
articles found online, make sure to save the internet location (bookmark it) for the Citation
portion mentioned in step 4.
The Atlantic USA Today
Bloomberg Business Week Washington Post
Congressional Quarterly (CQ) Magazine Politico
The Economist The Guardian (U.S.)
Foreign Affairs ABC News
New York Times Boston Globe
Philadelphia Inquirer CBS News
Time Magazine CNN
Fox News MSNBC
Newsweek National Geographic
Reuters U.S. News and World Report
2. Write a summary of the article using Microsoft Word (or similar compatible program). Your
summary should be at least one good paragraph long. The summary should inform the reader
(instructor) of what the current event news article conveys in the writing and focus on:
 who
 what
 where

 when
 how
 why
3. Write an analysis or opinion of the current event. The analysis should be at least one good
paragraph long. The analysis should focus on:
 Why the current event is important.
 What the critical takeaways are.
 How the current event fits in with our overall discussion of federal government.
 Include your personal opinions or critical thoughts related to the current event such as:
o If you agree or disagree with the current event and why.
o Provide possible outcomes of the current event.
o Add any other opinion related to the current event.

4. Create a Citation or electronic copy of article. If you used one of the above online articles,
include a citation (title of article, source name (ex: Washington Post), date of article, and website
URL) and place after the Analysis section. If you have a hard copy of the article, you will need
to make an electronic copy (the librarian should be able to help with this) and submit it along
with the summary and analysis document.


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