Case Analysis II: Ritz Carlton (100 Points)

Read the business case (Ritz Carlton) and answer the
following questions. Submit your answers as a Word
document in the corresponding Blackboard dropbox.
Due: 11/29/2020 (Sunday) at 11:59 P.M.
1. Who are Millennium Partners? What is their role in the
hospitality industry? (20 Point)
2. Who is James McBride? Why was he chosen for this
job? What did he do to prepare for the opening of the
Ritz-Carlton Washington DC? (20 Point)
3. Describe the Ritz-Carlton approach to service. What
makes them unique? (20 Point)
4. How does Ritz-Carlton approach Human Resources? (20
5. Describe and critique the 7-day Opening. (20 Point)


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