B. BOOK REVIEW (15% – 150 points)
After Reading the book 5 Perspectives on Sanctification, the student will prepare a book review of 8 to 10 pages, composed of five parts following these guidelines:

1. Title page: A title page as per Turabian should compose the first page of the book review. Files names must follow this pattern: –

Your Name. 5 Perspectives on Sanctification.docx.

2. Introduction: In the introduction the student will provide basic bibliographical information of the book (name, author, publisher, date, number of pages and bibliographical information about the author) in prose, i.e., in normal sentence structure, not a list. Note if the book is known to be controversial, or if it has generated debate within the evangelical or academic community. The introduction should be not less than one page and not more than two.

3. Summary of the Book Contents: Moving chapter by chapter, summarize the contents in such a way that the reader of the review can understand and follow the argument of the book. The objective of this portion of the review is an objective and fair presentation of the content, without entereing into debates with the author or digressing into personal opinion or experiences. (“When I read this, I resonated with this experience in my own life.” Save interactions and criticisms for the evaluation portion of the review. The summary section should compose from five to seven pages of the review.

4. Evalution. The presence of an evaluation is what distinguishes a book report from a book review. This is your moment to agree or disagree with the author, and explain why. The evaluation section should comprise between three to four pages of the book review.

5. Conclusion: Revisit sections two through four. For example: “In conclusion, in this book review I have examined the book 5 Perspectives on Sanctification, edited by….with chapters written by….. In my opinion…” End the book review with a statement of whether you can recommend this book to your readers.


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