What’s Race Got to Do With it? Looking for the Racial Dimensions of Gentrification

Thabit, Walter. How east New York became a ghetto. NYU Press, 2005.
W Thabit – 2005 – books.google.com
I Know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou

Look back at your journals. Why did you choose the topic/issue from your book and why? What did you think you knew or understood about your topic before you started researching. In other words, it would be great to have a section introducing us to your topic/issue, your relationship to it, and what you thought you knew, had assumed, or imagined. This would be a great place to introduce your book. Another way to think about this is discussing what you were hoping to learn. If you want, you can give a quick summary of your “major findings” (like a thesis!).
Then, narrate how you conducted research and what you found out (you did this in your journals!). This would be a great place to introduce the other sources you are going to put “in conversation” with your book. How did the process of researching go? What did you learn about researching as you went?
You also need to practice your synthesis! There should be a section of this cover letter that then describes what you discovered. This is where you need to put your other sources in conversation with your book. How are they all speaking to each other? How do they agree, disagree, both, expand on, or add to each other’s conversations? What are you learning about your topic from putting these sources together?
You also need to reflect. How did what you discover and learned about your topic compare to what you thought you knew or assumed? Make sure to also address what you’ve learned about yourself as a writer, researcher, and reader from doing the research, research reflections, and writing this cover letter.
Standard conventions of writing (punctuation, grammar, capitalization, spelling) are critical to having your document accepted. Further, making effective use of paragraphs is essential for the document being successful with the composition team.
In-text citations and a Works Cited section are required and should follow guidelines for MLA 8th ed.


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