Topic: Theory/Framework/Concept

Question 2: Short Case Study
– You will be given a short case study.
– Understand and analyze the case study.
– Word count 850 words(with10%buffer). Hence, any excess of 935 words will not be assess.
– Word count includes in-text citations and references!
– Use report format: introduction, body and conclusion.
– You do not need to include headings or executive summary.
– You are expected to include a minimum of one scholarly article.
– You must cite appropriately (APA).
Question 2: Final Exam Criteria
• – Your ability to identify key issues relevant to the case.
• – Your ability to critical think and analyze by applying the theory/framework/concept
– Your ability to problem-solve by recommending specific strategies to address the issues
based on your analysis.
• – Your ability to write a coherent report.

• Please read the following short case study to answer this question.
• Lisa was recently hired as a manager in the Human Resource (HR) team in organization
A. Organization A is medium sized telecommunications company that operates in
regional New South Wales. During her final job interview, she was briefed by the Chief
Executive Officer (CEO), Jason Allen, that her first project would be to restructure the
team by redesigning some of the jobs in her team. Jason had highlighted that there is high
turnover, high sick leave and low work performance.
• Lisa has an extensive experience in various supervisory roles and has recently graduated
with a Bachelor of Commerce. She was excited about the opportunity to apply what she
had learnt from Managing Organizational Behavior theories and concepts in her new role.
She remembered from OB lectures that it was important to apply critical thinking and
analysis to identify the key issues before implementing any changes in the organization.
Hence, in the three weeks in her role, she spent time analyzing and observing her team.
Here are some of her observations and incidents that happened during the three weeks.
• The HR team consists of Ashley (aged 24), Joshua (aged 25) and Sarah (aged 32). Lisa
reviewed the job descriptions of each of her team member. Two other staff had left the
team. Hence, the recruitment officer and administration officer roles are vacant. The
following table captures the key tasks for her current team:


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