Literature and Philology

Write a 3 page reflection paper on a Participation in holistic outreach that includes evangelism

Reflection paper: students will write a 3-5 page report with your personal reflection after completing your evangelistic activity.
Your report and reflection paper should cover the following:
General description of the place, time, setting, and the activity.
Describe the method (s) and strategy (ies) you used; what was your rationale for using them?
Describe the outcome; what was the recipient (s) response?
Do an analysis of each activity in light of the material in this course.
Give your evaluation of each activity. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the methods you employed? What should you not have done? What would you do differently?
Make sure you gave your underlying theology for each activity. Comment on the relationship between methods and the message.
All written assignments follow Turabian format (check template under info tab).


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