Art History

Greek/Roman comparison essay.

Write a 4- to 5-page (double-spaced, normal fonts & margins) comparison of Greek and Roman culture as expressed in at least 6 examples of one of the following genres of visual production:
I. Architecture: include the Parthenon and the Pantheon
II. Statuary/Portraiture: include Doryphoros and Augustus of Prima Porta
III. Relief Sculpture: include either the Parthenon frieze or the Altar of Zeus, Pergamon and either the Ara Pacis or the Column of Trajan.

1. Decide on what interests you most. Review notes, ppts, readings, presentations on your chosen topic.

2. Choose examples of at least 1 more artwork from 1 culture and 3 from the other. You may use more, but do include substantial description of 5.

3. Identify themes in each culture’s use of your examples. Formulate a question or thesis about thematic similarities or differences. Some aspects of your theme/s should be demonstrable by your own description of traits in the artworks. Consider both iconography and style. Draft your content.

4. Collect the ID information for your examples, put them on the timeline. Collect citations for any bibliography you’re using. Organize and finalize your write-up.



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