What confirmed and enriched your present thinking, beliefs, experience?

In your discussion of each theme, be sure to provide some context – however brief. For
example, where is the theme from and how does it fit into the specific world
religion? How did its understanding affect you? No outside research is required. Please
refer especially to the Huston Smith world religions text, but you can also refer to
notes, video clips, etc. from the class.
The following questions may help get you started:
*What topics stimulated you the most?
*What confirmed and enriched your present thinking, beliefs, experience?
*What challenged you?
*What did you disagree with? What theme clearly conflicted with your own belief or the
belief of your religious tradition?
*What topic did you find meaningful and inspiring, and how do you plan on integrating it
into your belief system moving forward?
This personal-academic engagement with three themes from this course should be
approximately 3-4 pages, double-spaced, and 12 point font. You should include an
introduction and conclusion. You will be penalized if you are under 3 full
pages. Worth 100 points.
**This assignment does not ask you to set aside your present beliefs. Do not be afraid to
show the tension between some of the themes you choose and your own
religious/spiritual/philosophical stance**


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