Theories of State and Society

Answer two of the three essay questions below. Each essay must be 500 words.
Avoid repetitions within each essay and between essays by discussing a variety of
thinkers. In other words, your two essays should not have the same two authors as
their main focus. No external research is allowed.

Please clearly indicate which questions you are answering.
1. According to Kant, “if he lives among others of his own species, man is an animal
who needs a master” (1991, p. 46). Analyze this claim from the perspective of any
two thinkers studied in the course, except Hobbes.

2. Explain why Rousseau claims that “man is born free and everywhere he is in
chains” (2012, p. 163), and compare his vision of the state of nature with the one
of either Hobbes or Locke.

3. Most thinkers studied in the course, except for Kant and Herder, present a vision
of human nature that is premised on individual sovereignty. What are the political
implications of holding such premise when theorizing life in common within civil
society? Your answer must refer to a minimum of two of the authors studied this

Formatting guidelines
• No coversheet
• At the top of the first page, write:
– your full name
– the title of your assignment
– the title of the course and section number
– the date of submission
• 1-inch page margins
• Double-spaced
• Header with the last name and page number in the top right corner of every
• Standard, 12-point serif font
• Mark new paragraphs with either first line indentation or an extra line
• Use hanging indentation for references


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