The Traits and the Thrill of Serial Killers

The Traits and the Thrill of Serial Killers
Urmosne Gabriella Simon
N a tio n a l U niversity o f Public Service, H ungary

Abstract. The motives o f serial killers have always been in the forefront o f people’s interest. A mentally healthy person cannot
conceive what makes serial killers commit their repeated brutal crimes. Bedwetting, arson and torturing o f animals could
be appalling phenomena from childhood according to the characterization o f the Macdonald triad. Childhood imprinting,
and the environmential circumstances o f the perpetrators are also substantial factors as Edwin H Sutherland reckons. Childhood
trauma may create irreversible changes in the structure o f the brain, due to which it begins to think in a different way. From
a neurophysiological aspect, brain damage,


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