Project Manager

Job Description – Provide details about the day-to-day duties, the “big” responsibilities people in this career have.

General Career Path – Discuss how you get there from an entry-level position.

General Education Experience – Note how much education this kind of career requires, what kind of degree and any additional certifications.

Average Salary – Base this on the level of experience needed.

Career Outlook – Discuss how optimistic a future for this career is.

Bio of someone in the profession – This could be the result of a personal interview or research of someone famous.

Pros and Cons—Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the career.
Your “fit” with this career—Conclude with your assessment of how well-suited you are for this career.

Use at least 7 credible sources, at least one of which must be a personal interview with someone in the career you are interested in.


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