political activism

Q: Is the absence of individuals contributing to preventing climate change a reasonable excuse
not to take action, such as recycling, to stop it?
Thesis statement: Initiatives to curb climate change should begin from an individual regardless
of the perceived absence of others not contributing to preventing it.
1. What is the role of an individual in preventing climate change?

● Participating in political activism.
● Creating or getting involved in local acts promoting the use of sustainable
● Becoming members of well-known political parties and aspiring to mitigate
climate issues through political action.

2. Most people do not take part in individual actions to reduce climate change because they
believe in the no harm perception.
3. Intrinsic and aggregate harms are dependent on the number of people doing a certain
● For instance, burning fossil fuel might cause no intrinsic harm to the environment
or the people, but a harmless deed becomes an offense subject to what people do. ○ Reference:
Schwenkenbecher, 2014
4. The “no-effect” view of individual reduction of pollution does not consider the aggregate
impact of individuals’ actions.
● The action of one individual to reduce GHG emission might seem impossible using the
“no-effect” view, but when more than one person works towards reducing their emissions, a
significant reduction in overall GHG emission will be attained.

○ Reference: Schwenkenbecher, 2014
● Collaborative action is made possible by other individuals participating in their fair share of
the responsibility to reduce global warming.
5. The overly demanding perspective can be handled by looking at it from collaborative
actions or organized actions.
● If there is a collaborative effort from everyone, it makes it seem more realistic
that there will be an end to climate change as there will be an increased
effectiveness to this problem.
● Individual action generates collective action, which is significant in reducing
climate change.

6. Conclusion: Therefore, the absence of individuals not participating in reducing global
warming is not a reasonable excuse not to do your duty in reducing the issue.


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