Assignment questions
Read and analyze the case thoroughly so as to answer the following questions:
1. What is the type of competitive strategy of LHC? Should the firm change its current competitive
strategy? Why or Why not?
2. In which “Service Firm Competitiveness stage does LHC belong currently? Justify. Do you think
the company is on the right path to the next stage? Explain.
3. What type of service innovation do you think LHC is planning? What are the key challenges it
faces with this new service?
4. How should LHC approach its new service idea in order to increase its chances of success?
5. What LHC need to do to realize further growth in the market? Explain your response by
differentiating the various alternatives. Justify your suggested alternative and strategy.
The format should be a hybrid between an essay and a short report with concise analysis being more critical than “form‟.
The report should contain analysis / answers in complete sentences with sufficient theoretical underpinning.
Assessment Criteria:
Research and use of. literature/evidence of reading 20%: Has developed and
justified using own ideas based on a wide range of sources which have been thoroughly analyzed, applied and discussed.
Knowledge of theory 20%: Assignment demonstrates integration and innovation in the selection and handling of theory.
Analysis and critical interpretation 20%:Can critically analyse novel and/or abstract data and case situations using a wide range of techniques appropriate to the topic and theoretical principles
Conclusions and recommendations 20%: Analytical and clear conclusions and
recommendations well grounded in theory and literature showing development of new concepts.
Presentation, logical flow and Referencing 20%: Extremely well formatted report with high presentation quality, Excellent citing in-text Excellent formatting of reference list in report and/or academic reference material.

This assessment instrument assesses the following:
1. Understand key concepts and issues of OM in service organizations
2. Identify operations and project management processes.


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