Case analysis for BPL course

PART I: Read the following case study carefully and analyze
it by answering the three Questions for Discussion in an integrated
essay format. (20 points)
Please read the following case carefully and write an integrated essay (4 pages in length) based
solely on the information provided in the case.

Write an Integrated Essay addressing all three questions. Papers should be
4 pages in length, typewritten, with 1” margins on all sides.


Floor One and Floor Two are located in the same building and are very similar in
physical features and workforce size. Employees on both floors make pacemakers, highly
technical and delicate devices that are surgically implanted in a user's chest. Reliable
performance of the device is often a life-and-death matter for the user.

Floor One
Conversation is minimal on Floor One. Mr. Martin, the supervisor, sits at his desk in a
glass­ front office where he is able to see much of the rest of the floor. A sign on Mr.
Martin's wall reads: "There is too much at stake for mistakes."
Mr. Martin runs a tight ship on Floor One. He is known throughout the company as an
organized and systematic manager: strict, but fair; courteous, but not exceptionally warm.
He takes his work very seriously, telling new employees that they “each play a small
role in the large endeavor of saving lives."
No one doubts Mr. Martin's commitment to his work. On his walks around the floor his
manner is formal and detached, but keenly observant. When asked a question or for
directions, his responses are always crisp, concise, and unambiguous. His technical
knowledge of the work is highly regarded by ail
Mr. Martin is extremely thorough in doing everything possible to ensure that nothing
leaves his shop with any defects. Whenever possible, he personally oversees the end-
line inspection of the product-what he calls "the last and by far most important step in
the process."


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