business strategy

Assignment Content
This five-page report should written in 12 point font with double space and a one-inch margin.

(((((Choose an Industry or a firm that you are interested in))))))

The report should succinctly explain the details of the case, highlight an issue identified by you, ability explain the problem and address it with a proposed solution.

You are welcome to use headings for each stage as background (for the case details), Issues, Problem and Solution but try to avoid bullet points.

You are recommended to sue the structure guide provided with the course.

Key Requirements:
1. Choose some of the key problems facing the industry as a whole or a firm operating in that industry.
2. Analyze the problem using some of the important concepts raised in the module.
3. Based on your analysis provide some outline solutions and recommendations as to how the situation might be improved.
4. Comment on issues and ideas that might require further work or more investigation


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