A family law essay

Additional content, cases to include where needed.

Secondary sources (include if necessary):
Cobley & Lowe, ‘The Statutory “threshold” under s31 of the Children Act 1989 – time to take stock’ [2011] Law Quarterly Review 396 – 422
Hayes M, ‘The Supreme Court’s failure to protect vulnerable children: Re J (Children)’ 2013 FLJ 1017

13 Dec 2020 05:39

Question: The guiding principle behind the duty to provide services to children in need is to promote the upbringing of children by their families. Sometimes however, it is necessary to remove children from their families because the child concerned is suffering, or is likely to suffer harm. Discuss to what extent the law balances the rights of parents to be free to bring up their children without state intervention, against the need to protect children from the risk of harm.

Must include primary and secondary sources in OSCOLA footnote referencing. Also a bibliography

I have attached lecture notes, substantive content and case details that should be included in the answer.


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