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General Requirements for Students:
i. Assignment should be word processed applying the following format: font:
Size 12; single Line Spacing. Assignment submission form should be signed,
and scanned or copied into front of assignment.
ii. Students should also write their name, programme and module title at the
beginning of the assignment itself, along with the project title and word count.
iii. Students should keep a hard and soft copy of their submission.
iv. Assignments should be submitted individually.
v. Assignment should be submitted through moodle and turn-it-in. No hard copy
submission is required.
vi. Assignment should be in essay style.
Your submission should be fully referenced, identifying all sources of information
used in a Bibliography. A variety of academic sources should be used. The Harvard
Referencing Style should be applied. Please refer to the library handouts and
handbooks for details on the Harvard referencing methods.



The Xtra Bank employs 500 staff around the country. It has ongoing recruitment as
it replaces staff and has expanded operations in a number of divisions, notably their
on-line business sections.
The bank has a focus on quality in the organization and wants to ensure that their
customer services are at the forefront of the market as they see it as a source of
competitive advantage for them. The company believes that the staff in the
organization, are key to the future success of the company and are committed to
investing in their development.
The bank recognizes the importance of orientating staff properly into the company.
They also believe that every person in the company should know the business of the
company, what they do and what they sell.
The recruitment of staff is envisioned to be 80 staff over the next year. This ranges
across a number of departments and levels including senior managers, junior admin
staff, sales people and IT programmers etc. To date the organisation has used
traditional classroom based training as the format for delivering orientation.
However, they are now looking to change more towards a blended approach and are

aware that there are a number of generations within the workforce and attending
They want to promote an inclusive learning culture to ensure that all employees are
fully developed and competent for their roles on an ongoing basis and therefore
require an inclusive development strategy starting with orientation that encourages
people to focus on learning as part of everyday work.
Key topics to be covered as part of the Orientation Programme:
Company History and Vision
Product Knowledge
Customer Service
Culture and continuous improvement
Development and Career Planning

Discuss how you would develop an inclusive learning strategy for a
multi-generation workforce and what recommendations you would
make to ensure effective learning for new starts in the organisation.

In your answer address the points below:
 Critically evaluate the different approaches that could be used to deliver
development for the new starts and make recommendations
 Discuss what you would consider on the design and evaluation of the specific
learning and development programmes included a blended learning approach for
 Also consider career development for the new starts and processes for them to
support their careers going forward
 Critically evaluate the potential benefits of organisational learning (learning
organisation) for this organisation as an approach to ongoing learning
 Implications for wider HR Policies and the wider responsibilities for L&D

N.B. Students are required to review and draw on relevant literature including
academic journal articles and books to support their answers. Failure to do so will

impact the marks awarded.


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