Political Sciences

Databases are everywhere. There is no system without a database. There is no
service without entering your data. You cannot gain access to anything without
creating a profile first. So, your personal data is everywhere and is stored and
increased since the day you are born. This is not a new thing but in the old days
it was paper based and the access was restricted. Now with large disk spaces
and the fast networks, databases can be grow infinitely and accessed from
anywhere by anyone (if possible).
Despite its huge benefits, the risks are not avoidable.
Write a report titled “Databases Systems: Security and Privacy Implications”
covering the following topics:

Short introduction to explain what Is a Database and Its Historical
Milestones. (5 marks)
Discuss Importance and Benefits of Database and Databases Systems in Our
Lives. (at least 6 points) (6 marks)
Discuss Database Security Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities. (at least five
points) (10 marks)
Discuss Mechanism to protect databases (encryption, Authentication,
Authorization and Access Control, Mechanisms, others supplied by the
database system itself). (10 marks)
Discuss the role of the Informed Consent in this context. (4 marks)
Discuss two Cases where database leakage caused problems, why that
happened (vulnerabilities) and how that affected their business. (6 marks)
Discuss laws and legislation of storing data in two countries at least and
make necessary citation. (6 marks)
Write a short code of ethics for database administrator to avoid legal issues
and guarantee database integrity and confidentiality. (at least 6 points should
be tackled) (6 marks)
Conclude your report by emphasizing on the importance and benefits of
database and how to be cautious as a user.
Also pay attention to the following:
Add at least two figures/tables.
Add captions for the figures/tables.
Use cross referencing for the figures/tables.
Write at least three references not including your book or Wikipedia.
Use Harvard system (author-date) system in writing the references.
Correct grammar and spelling.

Format used should be formal and consistent for a repot such as
using consistent front sizes and styles and justify alignment.
Use (1200-1400) words not including references.
State number of words at the end of the report.
Use only the provided Report template to answer the TMA. Not
using it will deduct from your marks.


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