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I will attached my previous papers so you are able to have a better understanding what I am creating, Also please only use scholarly articles as resource.

Students will develop a research proposal to evaluate the outcome of the intervention/program proposed in Assignment 2.

1. Study aims
• Aims and objectives
• Research questions
• Hypotheses

2. Literature Review
• Critical review of the literature on the current evidence for the program or intervention effectiveness
• Gaps in the literature

3. Methods
• Study Design
o Study design (e.g., pre-experimental, quasi-experimental, true-experimental)
o Your rationales for choosing the study design
o If there is a control group, describe how the participants will be assigned.
o Describe your study design and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Are there any ethical issues related to this design?
• Sample
o Study population, sampling frame, desired sample size
o Eligibility criteria (who is eligible to participate this study)
o Sampling strategy/method (how you select study participants)
 State whether this will be a probability or a non-probability sample and the specific type that will be used (e.g., a probability sample using simple random sampling, or a non-probability convenience sample)
o Recruitment strategy (how you recruit study participants)
o Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your sampling plan. Are there any ethical issues related to this sampling plan?
• Measurement
o State ALL the independent and dependent variables (outcome variables)
o List the measurements that you plan to use to measure the independent and dependent variables (just briefly describe the measurement for each variable in 1-2 sentences)
o Discuss or critique the measure of one key outcome variable
 State the conceptual definition of the variable
 Operational definition – what standardized scale is used? Describe the scale.
 Is this scale a good measure? Discuss the reliability and validity, strengths and weakness.
 Is the measure culturally appropriate and sensitive? Any ethical issues?
• Data Collection
o When, where, how and by whom will data be collected
 If there are multiple pre- and post-test observations, describe them for each time data will be collected
 Will informed consent be provided?
 Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the data collection plan
 Are there any ethical issues? Are they culturally appropriate and sensitive?


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