International marketing

Choose a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company and their product (e.g., Crisps, Energy Drinks, Cereal Bars) based out of home country of your choice (e.g., England) , which is considering international expansion into foreign (host) country of your choice (e.g., Netherlands) in near future. The chief marketing officer and senior management seeks your insights on the environment of this foreign market. This will serve as the basis for them to have informed discussion and adopt the most suitable strategy to enter this foreign market. Therefore, you are asked to develop a report answering the following questions:

Conduct situation analysis and provide systematic review of the external environment for the potential entry of your product in the host country you have chosen (30%).
Identify and justify the most suitable market entry strategy that your company can adopt in the chosen foreign market (20%)
Evaluate how global marketing strategy can be implemented for the chosen product in the host country. Discuss what factors might have influenced the products degree of standardization to adaptation (e.g. packaging, pricing, promotion, and distribution) in comparison to the home country (30%).
Conclude your report with your recommendations for the further expansion of the product globally (20%).
You are expected to conduct desk-research about the chosen company’s international marketing mix
The report should present a critical analysis of your findings based on a body of literature, instead of a descriptive account of the brand and company.
Present your work in form of a report with heading and subheadings (i.e., structure well)
Reference the sources of information you use


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