Going to Roma for a vacation

Winter Vacation
Newspaper Article

Winter break is just around the corner! To celebrate the season and to expand your
writing skills, you will write a news feature about a winter vacation that you have had or
that you wish you could have someday. Depending on the option you selected, and
using the space below, write down details ( do not begin writing your story) to support
your initial thoughts on a past or potential vacation.
1. This box is provided for you to write down your thoughts about the vacation.

2. Now, begin bringing your vacation to life for your readers by listing:
Me , mom, dad , brother, sister, cousin jazimen
What ?
Visit the column, go on a plane for the first time see a play go to musames
March 21,2021
Roma is the places I will go
My plane there to Roma on crewship back to home
To see the history and to have fun whaling about Roma


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