Faith and Reason


It is now time to take what you have been learning about the meaning of faith and the role of
reason and synthesize this information into an understanding of the proper relationship between
faith and reason. While you have studied multiple approaches to understanding this relationship,
you will now have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of these ideas and develop
your own understanding of how faith and reason should be understood to relate to one another.
This is important, because, as you know from your studies so far, how one understands the role
of reason and faith has an impact on many important theological and apologetic ideas and issues.
The goal of this assignment is for you to reflect critically on the question of how faith and reason
are related to one another. You will write a 3,000–3,600-word paper that advances and defends a
comprehensive description of the proper relationship between faith and reason.

Because of the nature and goals of this assignment, you are permitted to incorporate work done
on other assignments in this course (only) in the development of this paper. However, you should
refine, revise, and redevelop ideas from these other assignments if you are going to incorporate
them into this paper.

You must take into consideration the broad scope of the course materials and relevant outside
research, with special focus on the models of faith and reason that have been defended by
various scholars and theologians. At a minimum, the paper must define faith and reason, discuss
relevant biblical data on both, and survey various alternative models of how faith and reason
relate to one another. The assignment will be completed in 2 parts.

Part 1: Faith and Reason: Outline, Thesis, and Bibliography
 The thesis must be consistent with the overall goal of the assignment as described above:
It must be a clear and concise claim about the way faith and reason are related to one
another and be expressed in 1 sentence.
 The outline must reveal both the planned structure and the details of the planned content
of the final paper. The outline must reflect serious consideration of the requirements and
goals of the assignment, and give enough detail that the instructor can evaluate both the
planned structure and planned content.
 The bibliography must contain at least 8 of the required 10 sources that will be used in
writing the paper.
 Part 1 must be formatted with a proper title page, and the outline and bibliography must
match current Turabian formatting requirements for outlines and bibliographies. (NOTE:
an “outline” is not a “table of contents,” and should not be formatted as such.)


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