Discussion: Techno-Generation

Of course, we can laugh when our parents and grandparents (or even we) reflect on the “good ol’ days” when life was simple and children played in the yard, made fun out of anything they could find, and spent minimal time in front of the “boob tube” and even less playing video games. But even if television, the media, film, computers/internet, and video games aren’t necessarily bad for children and teens, give some thought to what they are missing out on by spending so much time with these everyday “outlets.”

What might they be doing instead and what might those other activities do for their mental, emotional, and physical health?
Have we lost touch with human interaction/communication on some level?
Have we come so far that it is too late to get some of that back?

(1) Mini essays should include an introductory paragraph (with thesis), three body paragraphs (each with a topic sentence stating the main point), and a concluding paragraph.
(2) Mini essays are not be written in the first person “I/me.”
(3) Mini-essays are to consist of your own thoughts, words, and ideas.
**NOTE: NO secondary sources are to be used in this essay.


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