Visual Arts and Film Studies

Write a journal entry on the website/event/location about your overall experience.
It should include:
the date of your visit to the website or physical space
the name of the exhibition/show/presentation/artist, being featured such as “Greg Stewart: Deceiving Landscape” (not just the name of the gallery)
If you’re on a website, did it look like they had a well-established website, or they had to put something together in response to COVID-19? Did they provide a fair amount of educational material (artist statements, how the artwork was made) or just the basics of the artist, title, media and price? Were there multiple artist links to outside websites or was it all self-contained? What was the “personality” of the website, etc.?
what you learned from this event/location or what you now wonder about – be honest, but you must have learned something or be curious about something
Journal entry technical info:
1” margins – your computer may not do this automatically
12pt. Times New Roman
Double spaced (not double spaced plus more spacing under “Page Layout”)
Thoroughly proofread
Creativity is encouraged in the presentation of your final journal (i.e., it will earn you a few bonus points on this assignment…).

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