Typography Assignment

Typography Assignment

Assignment– Making the appropriate typeface selection

The purpose of this assignment is for you to understand how type is selected and its functions throughout a given design.

For each of the words listed below in bold-italic (for example St Jude University, The Youth & Family Center, etc…), you have to choose the appropriate typeface. Using InDesign, set them in the typeface that best resonates with the nature of the organization or topic.

For each task, you need to indicate the typeface, styling, or attribute, color, and size (the size you would use if you had to present this work to your client). Thus, identifying the six aspects of type for each typeface selection. Then, briefly explain your selections/choices.

  • The typeface for the logo for St. Jude University, a Catholic university that’s been around since 1920.
  • The typeface for the logo for The Miami-Dade Educational Center, a local community center providing workshops and training for adults.
  • The typeface for the HEADLINES AND/OR SUBHEADS for a brochure for a spa, “Skin Treatment” (headline) – Deep cleansing facial (sub-headline).
  • The typeface for the body copy of a book, “The life of Marie Antoinette
  • The typeface for the invitation to a little girl’s birthday party, Jenna is turning 5! Let’s celebrate!

Each bulleted task above is worth 3 points. These items will be graded for completeness, the accuracy of the role each attribute is assigned, the accuracy of the type in reflecting these roles, appropriate readability/mood of the type used.

This assignment should be done in InDesign. You must submit both InDesign and PDF files. Before submitting, please review the instructions and the rubric. If you have any questions or need clarification, please post on the General Forum (Link


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