Photoshop Assignment

Photoshop Assignment

Download files then unzip them. For more information on how to unzip/uncompress them click here: Windows (Links to an external site.)Mac (Links to an external site.).

Applying the skills you learned in the tutorials, download the attached photographs (photoshop assets, Attached and then use Photoshop to alter the images referenced:

  1. Enhance the image labeled “Couple in the park” using the same techniques as in the “Color correction in camera raw” tutorial.
  2. Enhance the image labeled “lighthouse” using the same techniques used in the “levels” tutorial.
  3. Take the image labeled “Rooster in the shadow” and use the “Highlight/Shadow” tool to correct it. You can search for different resources to find that tool.
  4. Use “smart sharpen” to correct the image “Motion bear”.
  5. Remove the extraneous elements (people and signs) from the “GoldenGate” image.
  6. Select just the flower from the image “Even more magic” and just the front pumpkin from “Pumpkinhead” and place them artistically in the lighthouse picture. You’re going to have to use the transform tool to make them fit.
  7. Create an image enclosed in text using a mask
  8. Create a black and white image with a touch of color using an adjustment layer .

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