Nation and nationalism.

Word Document guidelines: Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5, line justification, page margins 2.54 cm on each side of the page, page numbering at the bottom of the page, English (United Kingdom), APA Referencing Style for in-text citations, etc. To avoid plagiarism students should use paraphrasing and include or document their cited references as footnotes.

Q.1. Define ALL the following basic concepts of International Relations (IRs):
1- Nation and nationalism.
2- Environmentalism or Green Politics.
3- Governance and good governance.
4- Terrorism.
5- Balance of power.

(Answer Question 1 in 2 pages)

Q.2. Answer the following questions:
2. What are the causes and consequences of intra- and inter-state war?

(Answer Question 2 in 2 pages)

Q.3. Explain or elaborate or discuss the following statements:

3- “The Charter of the United Nations is an inter-state treaty… It defines the central institutions or principal organs of the United Nations.”

(Answer Question 3 in 2 pages)

– Each question 2 pages. 6 Pages in total.
– Use sources if necessary. Question 2 and 3 I assume might need sourcing.
– Try to make it as ESL as possible.
– Line spacing 1.5
– Line justification
– Page margins 2.54 cm on each side of the page


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