Moral Foundations

Please create a case study related to church/the Christian life that connects directly to your course of study (Spiritual Formation, Pastoral Leadership, Missional Growth, Youth, Church, and Culture). Give the relevant details so that a thorough analysis can be done.

My course of study is focused on Youth and i am supposed to provide a case study around character. The book we are using for this class is The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haid

an example from a paper he used was

Gage, a pleasant, well-functioning foreman of an engineering team suffered a traumatic brain injury from a projectile launched from an worksite explosion. The injury to his brain significantly altered Gage’s ability to reason as well as considerably affecting his demeanor and temper. Materialist hold strongly to the governing nature of the brain upon the human body and discount the necessity for the spiritual element of the holistic human. This lies in contrast to the Christian belief and practice wherein the soul is fundamental to the human composition. Even theist materialists, such as Hobbes, directs that “Spirit, that which is corporeal, is a term that rightly belongs to God himself” (pg. 235). His statement disregards the soul (spirit) as a part of the human, but instead, remarks that it “best expresses our desire to [only] honor him” (pg. 235). The materialist’s disregard for the human soul lies in contrast to the view of the Christian.


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