May need health care help on this. Each prompt should be arounf 600-700 words

A young entrepreneur from Oklahoma named Rodney Johnson created a household cleaning product made from byproducts of the corn industry. This product, called Solvit, is very good at cleaning up grease and dirt, and was more effective than many other well-known products such as Mr. Clean, Fantastik, and Lysol. Mr. Johnson started marketing the product in 1992 at stores in his native Oklahoma, and also on the World Wide Web. Twenty years later this product is the most widely used cleaning agent in North America, although it still has not been introduced in several states.

In 2012 Consumer Reports magazine determined that the product contained solvents that might cause depressive disorder. It asked the Consumer Products Safety Commission to ban the product. The Institute of Medicine was asked for its advice. The IOM learned that you had taken this course and has asked you to consult on epidemiologic evidence and methods that might support the claim that Solvit produces depressive disorder.
Prompt 1

How would you go about determining whether Solvit produces depressive disorder? Select two epidemiologic research designs that you might use, and briefly compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the designs for this issue. State which design you favor and why. Be sure to identify the sources of information you relied upon to inform your decisions.
Prompt 2

Describe results that might support or refute the claim. Describe the measures of association of depression with use of Solvit that might be produced in each design. Discuss available evidence from the lectures that might make interpretation of research results connecting depression to use of Solvit difficult, including at least three variables that might confound findings of an association of Solviit with occurrence of depression.


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