Discussion Eight: Theatricality

Discussion Eight: Theatricality
For this discussion, I would like to discuss the continuing influence of the contributions
of Ancient Greeks to the development of drama, and what continuing effects these
developments have had on our world today.
In my lecture on Ancient Greek Drama, I suggested specific types of machinery,
scenery, costuming, the physical theater, and the pit as innovations that the Greeks
invented that helped transform routine story-telling into drama. Which of these
developments do you think was the most important, and why? Which has the most
enduring impact?
Answer thoughtfully. We still tell stories that are not considered drama.  However,
drama is very much important to use today. Which of these innovations helped us to
use drama as the mans of expression that we use it as today?
Please write one original response to this prompt. Additionally, respond meaningfully to
at least one post from a classmate. Do not forget to follow the


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