Developing and Implementing Information Systems

Developing and Implementing

Information Systems


Learning Objectives

Describe the system approach to problem

Describe and Explain the steps of the
systems development life cycle

Explain the need for successful project

Compare different development
approaches organizations can apply

The System Approach


Systems development is needed when:

Potential competition and developments in technology
lead to the development of new systems to carry out an
existing function

Existing systems are modified to carry out additional

Comply with regulations

A system has ran through its full life cycle;

3 Phases: Development (e.g., SDLC), Effective operational use,
and Decline in usefulness


Effective Operational Use


Percent of

(McKeown 2000,p.221)


The Systems Approach: “seeing the forest
AND the trees”

Seeing “interrelationships” among “systems” rather than
linear cause-and-effect chains when events occur

Seeing “processes” of change among “systems” rather than
discrete “snapshots” of change, whenever change occurs.

An example of system thinking: the sales processes


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